Week of August 20 – 24

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Monday – Stock Issues

Tuesday – CX Topic Analysis

Wednesday – Resolution Test; Continue Topic Analysis

Thursday – Stock Issues Test; CX Class Case

Friday – 4 Corners


Debate Information

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Required supplies:



Stop watch (can use their phone)


Flash Drive

Debate II-IV students will be expected to compete in a minimum of two tournaments per semester.  

 Debate I (Public Speaking) students will be expected to attend a minimum of two tournaments the first semester and one tournament the second semester.  

Debate III-IV students will be required to judge at least 2 in-school tournaments during the year.

Failure to attend the required tournaments will result in points deducted from the second and/or fourth nine weeks grade.  


Week of August 14

Thursday 8/17:  Students will understand classroom expectations and procedures, receive team contract, and begin developing class vocabulary.

Friday 8/18:  Students will begin learning debate resolutions and understanding differences between styles of debate.